Ice Dam Removal Company


New York – Safe Ice Dam and Roof Raking Company

We provide professional roof shoveling, roof raking and ice dam removal via steaming.

Our Service Territory:

  • Monroe County
  • Orleans County
  • Niagara County
  • Erie County

If you have leaking or water coming into your home or business – call immediately!  We can be reached 24 hours a day at 585-743-6959.twenty

Ice dam removal should only be completed by an experienced company that uses steam for removal.  The use of hatchets, hammers and salt are methods used over 20 years ago prior to the production of effective and efficient steam machines.  Call today to find out rates and availability.

Call 585-743-6959 

Honest Ice Dam Removal

Unfortunately ice dams can be a storm chasers dream.  It is unfortunate and unethical for companies to take advantage of others misfortune.  At Bright Services we are in business to help.  We are your resource in your time of need and we will not price gouge to take advantage of an opportunity.


  • We are in business to help you in your time of need. 
  • Our goal is to complete the work necessary to solve your problem as efficiently and as quickly as possible.
  • Removing ice since 2002.
  • Over 12 years experience in ice dam removal.
  • High quality equipment that allows for fast melting.

Leaking is Present

  1. Call immediately to get the ice removed from the roof.  Ice will need to be removed before any repairs can be made.  Removing the ice will also minimize additional damage and allow the roof snow to melt.
  2. Contact your insurance agent or company.
  3. Ask us about our referral network for Restoration Companies, Drywall Repair, Painters and Roofing Contractors.

We can be reached via email or phone.  Call us for ice dam removal or roof shoveling/raking at 585-743-6959 or email us at